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Do you need help to meet PSD2 regulation requirements?
30+ European banks already trust us.

PSD2 Compliance is just one part of our banking platform with innovative customer & ecosystem engagement use cases. But it’s an important step in a wider journey of digital transformation toward Open Banking.

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TPP management

Connections to 31 NCAs across the EU

Strong customer authentication

Activated according to the RTS rules

PSU consent management

Your customers own the data privacy process

Monitoring & reporting

Track & record TPPs’ requests & usage

Fallback solution

The first step in becoming compliant, quickly


Automated deployment & high availability

Be compliant in 5 days!

More than 30 banks trust our solution to ensure their full compliance with PSD2.

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Chief Information & Digital Officer of Argenta,

Geert Van Hove

“In our PSD2 compliance RFP, Sopra Banking Software provided us with the most comprehensive response”

  • Compliance in < 1 week

    Tick all the boxes quickly with an automated deployment in Cloud. And get 24/7 support from our dedicated team of experts. The platform is available 99.9% of the time.

  • Berlin Group standards

    A proud participant of the Berlin Group NextGen PSD2 Advisory Group, we’ve been contributing to the Open Banking API standardization in Europe since its inception.

  • Core banking agnostic

    Our cloud-native, core-agnostic banking platform acts as a microservices layer on your existing environment. Enable an easy implementation of the flexible solution.

  • TPPs management

    Connect to PRETA OBE Directory, and be sure only authorized TPPs get access to your customers’ data. Our solution aggregates and provides daily updates for TPPs identifications and their roles, allowed by 31 National Competent Authorities across the EU.

  • Security of your ecosystem

    Guarantee stakeholder security with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), Customer Secure Communication (CSC) and TPP authorization management. Safeguard exchanges with sandboxes, documentation, performance and reporting.

  • From testing to production

    Different technical environments allow you to implement and maintain your compliance in a professional way: testing, integration, sandbox, production.

  • TPP support

    Management of TPP Onboarding and mandatory TPP Helpdesk 24/7. More than 30 TPPs are already onboarded to our clients’ platforms!

  • Open Banking tomorrow

    PSD2 is just the first step towards Open Banking. Adapt to the standards of tomorrow without changing the back-office infrastructure today.

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