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SCT Inst is now a reality in Europe. Are you ready
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Deploy in less than 3 months, reduce costs with shared connectivity to CSM. Enhance your Instant Payments project with our powerful, cost-effective systems.

A la carte

The full solution or just the CSM connection module

Flexible approach

Tailored offer to suit your unique requirements: on-premise, shared services or BPO

Multiple CSMs compatible

STET, RT1-EBA CLEARING, TARGET-TIPS, equensWorldline and more

Highly scalable

Grows at a pace that matches yours

Rapid rollout

Go straight to market in under 3 months

Quality assured

Fully verifies service quality & network compliance before rollout

The power of now

European Instant Payments (SEPA Instant Credit Transfer) is opening up promising rewards for banks through new service offerings. Making large purchases online, paying energy bills on the spot, splitting the dinner bill instantly among friends – there are plenty of opportunities. 

Users love them and corporates demand them – for both single and bulk payments alike. The potential for future use cases is huge.

The underlying challenge

The true underlying challenge is rapid response time and high availability – every time. This is critical because with funds being available instantly, Instant Payments impacts the bank’s position in real time. 

Banks need to process transactions in a few seconds, make funds immediately available in the beneficiary’s account, provide a service that is accessible 24/7/365. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is, with our solution.

Tackle instant payments now with us

Do you worry about implementation costs and complexity? With our business and technical know-how on your team, there’s nothing to fear. 

Our fully compliant and modular Instant Payments solution means you can provide your customers with more added value and innovation. As proven in three European countries, with three CSMs, through three delivery modes and used by 30 million bank customers.