Offer Management

Quick, personalized, simplified

We live in a customer-centric world. Quickly create customized offers to match specific customer needs. Increase revenue by offering segment-specific products & services or complex partner bundles.

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Easy integration

CRM & core banking agnostic

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Personalized offers. Simplified.

Assess and match typical customer profiles to design personalized offers that align with specific customer needs.

  • All products in one place

    Easily manage products and services via a centralized product catalog that’s tailored to customer profiles.

  • Bundle partner products

    Neatly package partner services alongside or together with your own. Expand the range of options for your customers.

  • Segment-specific offers

    Launch data-enabled and behavior-based products & services through your customers’ preferred channel(s).

  • Reduce time to market

    Maximize operational efficiency. Launch new offers in days, not months.

  • Increase revenue

    Take advantage of untapped sources of revenue by presenting partner offers alongside your own.

Beyond Offer Management: Manage your customer lifecycle

Product personalization is an important step in building lasting, loyal relationships with your customers. But it’s not the only one. Our Customer Engagement solutions will help you create innovative, tailored experiences so you can attract and retain them.

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