Customer onboarding

Reach the new market standards

Keep up with innovative market leaders, providing omnichannel digital experiences. Run streamlined and fully secured customer onboarding.

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Fully digital

Paperless processes

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KYC & ID check

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Discover the power of digital transformation now!

Build a digitally driven organization.

Streamline and digitize to meet customers’ expectations

Streamline and digitize to meet customers’ expectations

Decrease your dropout rate, by proposing a smooth and fast customer onboarding process.

  • Onboard in < 3 minutes
    A frictionless onboarding process through any channel, with ID scan, e-signature, document storage and smart customer data usage.
  • Customize the rules
    Adapt KYC, and ID check rules to customer profiles. And activate new customers’ accounts in less than 5 minutes.
  • Decrease TCO
    Automate and digitize the entire ID-check workflow to save money and time for your business.