Customer onboarding

Reach the new market standards

Keep up with innovative market leaders, providing omnichannel digital experiences. Run streamlined and fully secured customer onboarding.

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Fully digital

Paperless processes

Core Banking & CRM




KYC & ID check

Regulatory compliance

Contract management




Digital transformation now

Streamline and digitize to meet customers’ expectations

Streamline and digitize to meet customers’ expectations

Decrease your dropout rate, by proposing a smooth and fast customer onboarding process.

  • Onboard in < 3 minutes
    A frictionless onboarding process through any channel, with ID scan, e-signature, document storage and smart customer data usage.
  • Customize the rules
    Adapt KYC, and ID check rules to customer profiles. And activate new customers’ accounts in less than 5 minutes.
  • Decrease TCO
    Automate and digitize the entire ID-check workflow to save money and time for your business.
  • Decrease your cost of sales
    Propose to your customers an automated & frictionless onboarding process, to decrease your dropout rate and increase your sales.
  • Bundle products & services
    Accurate partner services & products alongside your own offerings and expand the range of options for your customers.
  • Personalize & automate
    Personalize the onboarding flow by channels and display automatically a pricing adjusted to your customer.

Beyond Customer Onboarding:
Manage your Customer Lifecycle

Customer onboarding is the first milestone of your relationship with your customers. Our Customer Engagement solutions will help you to leverage your customers’ data and propose them right product or service at the right time.

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