She always had a passion for the mural world, which allows her to see things in a big way

Tanala is an artist from Nantes who grew up in South America. Tanala calls herself a muralist: a wall has a size and a shape, and is always installed in very specific places.
Its environment and surroundings give it a direction to follow. So the fresco is designed specifically for each surface.

Breaking out of the frame of the painting has always been a priority. In all the work she undertakes, she tries to make art accessible to everyone. So as they walk along the streets, passers-by can have access to the image without necessarily going to a gallery.

The street is also a way of defending causes that seem essential to us as artists, and gives space to freedom of expression. Her favourite themes are often linked to the world around us, to people and their traditions. In this way, she tries to revive tolerance through her work.


Nantes, France