Joachim Romain

A Multi-faceted Artist!

Joachim Romain focuses on the layers of information present in posters, elements of a society of mass consumption. His interest in natural urban wear and tear and the diversity of typography across the world and through the ages has led him to experiment with tearing up posters in the street. Following in the footsteps of artists from the Nouveau Réalisme movement, such as Villéglé and Hains, he works with the materials the city offers him.

His works tell the story of a city marked by the accumulation of images, slogans and posters that attract our attention and stimulate a desire to buy, provoking a flow of production and then waste. Over the years, his works have become archives of the world, like relics of an era overflowing with images.

Joachim ROMAIN


Interview of Joachim Romain

WIP interviewed the artists Sopra Banking Software collaborated with.

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