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AnaCredit presents challenges like data granularity, reporting frequency, and multi-jurisdictional requirements. Meet all current and future requirements of European and National central banks with a multi-country, future-proof reporting solution for financial institutions of all stripes.

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  • A reporting hub

    Optimize infrastructure, improve resource utilization, and increase efficiency by centrally organizing your regulatory reporting in XML and SDMX formats.

  • A data-centric approach

    Facilitate the analysis and validation of granular data sets, improve overall data quality, and streamline your reporting processes.

  • Scalability

    An agile solution that helps you manage high data volumes and ensures compliance even in the face of organizational change.

  • Industry leadership

    Twenty-five years of relationships with European and National Central Banks allows us to, in accordance with your schedule, help you stay compliant across jurisdictions.

  • Reporting-as-a-service

    RaaS – delegate the maintenance of a regulatory reporting environment to focus on your core business and more accurately forecast IT budgets, all while staying compliant.

  • Agile reporting processes

    A user-friendly dashboard allows you to track and analyze processes at all times while providing a comprehensive view of your customer’s debt situation.