Agency Banking

A branchless distribution model

Facilitate easy onboarding and expand with a new distribution model. Take your branch directly to customers and provide services at their doorsteps.

Broaden the horizons of your business

Agency banking is innovative, convenient, and simplified — it empowers you to reach more people and offer them better services.

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    Optimize your strategy

    Save money on branch infrastructure while expanding your customer base and market share.

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    Drive customer loyalty

    Offer a state of the art service while remotely managing your agent and client transactions.

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    Advance financial inclusion

    Empower people with financial inclusion and contribute to the growth of local economies.

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    Access a secure B2B2C solution

    Take advantage of devices secured with fingerprint accuracy — we handle all the logistics, thus speeding up the project and reducing TTM.

Easy access to financial services

Access to banking services is a challenge in areas without established branch networks. While banks are always looking to accelerate financial inclusion, extending the network remains costly. 

Agency banking is the solution to meet the needs and challenges of this new distribution model. This approach creates a distribution model based on partnerships with existing merchant ecosystems. These third parties distribute banking services on behalf of the bank, with their proximity and local visibility the key to acquiring new clients.

A flexible solution

Our end-to-end solution comes with a complete bundle of services that provides devices for your agents. Preconfigured with the AP front of distribution dedicated to the network of agents, along with an integrated biometric solution, embedded sensors, a storage platform, authentication and signature processes.

Agency banking is a simple yet elegant approach, and it that ensures quick service for all of its end-users. Our solution features an integrated platform for the management of partners and their networks, plus a rapid deployment cycle that reduces time to market.