SFP Address Manager Suite

The complete postcode verification solution
A flexible, modular address verification software designed to help your business reduce data management costs and maximize efficiency through improved mail presentation quality and elimination of duplicate records.

Cleanse your addresses

Introducing Address Manager

A powerful address validation software designed to help your business reduce data management costs and maximize process efficiency. It rapidly populates your client databases with accurate customer details.

  • Rapid Addressing – Fast, accurate postcode verification for real-time entry
  • Postcoding – Address verification to return a fully formatted address, utilizing the Royal Mail PAF dataset
  • Batch Addressing – Uses Postcoding to deliver powerful, high-volume data cleansing and maintenance.
  • Matchkeying – De-duplicate customer databases and eliminate unwanted data.
features of address manager suite
Validate address and postcodes with Address Manager Suite
  • icon time savings

    Streamlined, configurable address validation solution

    Reduces data entry time, enabling rapid data capture with maximum accuracy

  • Proven integrations

    Seamless integration

    Extensive scope for API integration with full support from our highly experienced team

  • icon cost savings

    Radically reduce cost

    Capitalize on freedoms in service provision to dramatically reduce your bills

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    Can be run from Windows, Unix, Linux and number of mainframe platforms

  • Fixed fees icon

    Downstream Access (DSA) & MailMark™

    For enhanced intelligence & accuracy, a new level of insight into your customer communications

Why choose the SFP Address Manager Suite?

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    Top choice for UK clients

    Our Address Manager Suite has helped clients across the UK improve mail presentation quality and create great customer service. Big names include Santander, HSBC & Experian.

  • Icon ecosystem

    One platform, great capabilities

    Our integrated Downstream Access and MailMark™ systems work together to reduce postage costs significantly.

  • icon modular solution

    Optimised for you

    With Rapid Addressing, Postcoding, Batch Addressing and Matchkeying, our modular software system can be customised to suit your needs.

The cost-effective approach to bulk mailing

For significant bulk mailing discounts.

Downstream Access (DSA) is a highly efficient and cost-effective bulk mailing service that capitalizes on new freedoms in service provision.

Available as a stand-alone, front-end version or as a callable DLL, Downstream Access (DSA) delivers significantly lower postage costs. Transport operators are able to move mail from the collection point to Royal Mail Centres more economically than Royal Mail currently offers.

Sopra Banking Software supports established transport operators Whistl and UK Mail, providing a wide range of services for access clients:

  • Access 48 mailing items are sorted into 48 different selections (reflecting 48 geographic areas)
  • Access 70 mailing items are sorted into 86 different selections (reflecting 86 geographic areas)
  • Access 1400 mailing items are sorted into 1525 different selections (reflecting 1525 geographic areas)
Address Manager Suite supports established transport operators Whistl and UK Mail, providing a various services for access clients

MAILMARK™ – The £70million investment from Royal Mail – for intelligent mail

Addressing major consumer concerns, from delivery specifics and insightful reporting to integration, Mailmark™ delivers excellent value for money.

Key features of Mailmark™:

  • Reporting – The reporting feature of Mailmark™ produces online analytics that gives an in-depth view of batch-level reporting. This includes predicted delivery times, volume and performance, and item-level error reporting.
  • Configurable eManifest – This allows additional information to be added to your personal eManifest.
  • Mailmark™ is channel neutral (Whistl, UK Mail, and Secured Mail are currently offering Mailmark services).
  • Batch functionality – Batches can be used to bundle data into discrete, meaningful groups, and reports can then be taken from this.
  • A test environment is available, and Royal Mail can provide scenarios for customers to test their data.
Access to the mail report for tracking KPIs

Learn how to streamline your databases