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Sopra Banking’s mobile app falls exactly in line with what a modern retail bank needs. It is streamlined, secure and fast.

Louis Mahy CIO

Business Case

Scalability, Adaptability, Mobility

Record Bank was created in 2001 as a retail bank for individual customers as well as small businesses. In little more than a decade, it managed to grow spectacularly. Sopra Banking Software was essential in aiding them in this strategy – the latest building block of their long-time partnership with Sopra Banking was the development of a mobile banking app in 2013.

Key benefits

  • Close follow-up of customer trends to enable growth
  • Enabling customer-centricity 
  • Streamlined new mobile banking app
  • Solutions and services that closely involve Record Bank

Simple, safe, transparent

From the beginning, Record Bank’s vision was driven by growth. “Sopra Banking Platform has supported us in merging back-office services, define new business lines, and integrate all of our applications into one robust and flexible solution,” says Louis Mahy, CIO at Record Bank. 

Adapting to the bank and customer

 “We had chosen Sopra Banking Platform precisely because of its scalability, integration capabilities and its rich functional scope,” says Mr Mahy, “We didn’t have to adapt to Platform – Sopra Banking Platform adapted to us.” 

Going mobile

“In line with the needs of our customers, we wanted a mobile banking app,” says Louis Mahy, “and we contacted Sopra Banking again.” At the end of 2012, Sopra Banking investigated the mobile desires of customers and bankers alike, and closely involved Record Bank in the development of the mobile banking app. 

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