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Implementing a new universal system in all our banks has meant, for example, we can accelerate new product launches and speed up automation of all our activities. We will only benefit from synergies generated across our networks if our IT systems are effectively standardised.

Binta Toure Ndoye Group CEO

Business Case

Implementing one IT system across 12 countries

Sopra Banking Software is helping Oragroup to overhaul and standardise its IT system, used in all the group’s banks. Orabank group is rolling out Sopra Banking Amplitude in 12 countries, in three years.

Key benefits

  • One standardised system for the entire group
  • Faster time to market
  • Integrated regulatory compliance 
  • Broad functional coverage
  • New product launches facilitated


One of Oragroup’s main challenges to meet its ambitious development plan objectives lies in implementing a standardised, efficient IT system in all the group’s subsidiaries, located in 12 countries.
Oragroup engaged Sopra Banking Software’s services to implement the core banking solution, Sopra Banking Amplitude, in all of the group’s banks. By using an integrated approach to combine banking production and multichannel distribution functions with digital services, Amplitude is the goto solution for an integrated core banking system. The 12 Amplitude migration projects were successfully completed within the ambitious three-year deadline. Furthermore, the existing systems were all different, and the banks are located in various countries, and currency areas.

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