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Core banking the way you want it

Today’s retail banks face several challenges.
Inside the bank, IT structures have often grown organically, are complex to manage and risk disrepair if knowledgeable people leave the company.

Smart customers hop between banks and demand quick access through more channels than ever, while new regulations require procedure changes and increased capitalization.

To attract and retain customers and their capital, added value is paramount. This means you need the agility to launch products quickly, as well as provide services that go beyond attractive rates.

There is a big variety in scale, need and business type of in the retail banking world. No two banks are ever the same. That’s why we offer specific solutions within the Sopra Banking Suite to address your needs in the best way possible. Due to the Suite’s service-oriented architecture (SOA), you also retain compatibility with third-party solutions.

Integrated core banking solution

Our integrated core banking solutions have the broadest possible scope of functionalities. With successful adoption by hundreds of retail banks, its enduring success is due to its easy functionality and quick implementation. Because all solutions that belong to the Sopra Banking Suite have been designed with your needs in mind, our integrated core banking solutions can be pre-parameterized according to your wishes.

Component-based solution

While we can install a full end-to-end core banking system from scratch or replace an existing solution in its entirely, many banks opt for a component-based solution. This lets you mix and match the components you need à la carte, or according to specific activities.

The transformation approach

We can implement our component-based solution completely at once, but we also support a step-by-step method called the transformation approach. This approach works either vertically, by re-aligning one business domain with our components’ rich functionalities, or horizontally, by decoupling operational layers. This is especially interesting for banks with a wide geographic spread, complex legacy systems and operations that cannot be disrupted by new software.

Solution overview

Retail Banking Solution Overview

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