Sopra Banking Cash Management

Up to 1.2 million

daily operations


cash pooling contracts


target balancing instructions a month

Advantages in a nutshell

  • complete parameterization
  • high-volume, real-time calculations
  • forecast models
  • centralized liquidity management
  • cross-country/bank capabilities

The more control a company has over their liquid assets and the more coherent their overview of them is, the more secure it feels. After all, having better and more reliable information leads to better forecasts and more precise decisions. For banks that manage such assets, retaining their clients’ trust is a key driver. Sopra Banking Cash Management offers you the right tools for this.
With Cash Management’s position keeping engine, your customers can manage cash and accounts both inside and outside the bank, and can continue working with their own local bank partners. Crucially, Sopra Banking Cash Management also gives them a coherent overview of their cross-bank reserves at all times.

Thanks to the cash pooling functionalities embedded in Sopra Banking Cash Management, you get a greater degree of flexibility and centralization. Physical cash pooling allows your customers to create an account hierarchy, sweep between accounts and centralize funds. On the other hand, notional cash pooling functionalities let you cluster credit and debit balances the way you customer wants it, without any actual fund transfers, providing them with a financial edge.

Solution overview


Cash Management Solution Overview

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