Professional Services

Ensuring that your projects are successful

In light of the major transformations underway in the banking sector, you need to speed up your change model while at the same time managing the quality and integrity of your information systems. As a comprehensive solutions provider, Sopra Banking Software can help you to ensure that your innovation projects are successful, boost differentiation, or reduce costs. Our unique set of services ranges from business consulting to outsourcing: they address your key challenges and focus on creating added value. We are committed to working alongside you to make your projects successful.

Professional Services

A comprehensive solutions provider, we are committed to working alongside you to meet current and future challenges as well as create value: ensure that your innovation projects are successful, boost differentiation, or reduce costs:

■ One of the broadest on the market, our unique set of services ranges from business consulting to managed services. It includes dedicated services in key domains as well as services combined with solutions to speed up implementation of our solutions.

■ Our dedicated services enable us to support you with your digital challenges, and help you secure your information system . They address key domains such as innovation, digital banking, security, compliance or managed services.

■ From consulting to implementation, our broad portfolio of application services combined with solutions help you get the most of your solutions We deliver nearly 200 projects a year worldwide and we have 1500 specialists. Thanks to our expertise and highly effective services, Sopra Banking Software is a partner of choice to guarantee the success of your project.

A range of services to guarantee your project’s success

INNOVATION: Our ‘Innovative Banking’ approach can help you with your research and testing projects and it is based on recognised methodology: ‘Design Thinking’. Furthermore, the approach draws on a large range of innovative projects run at the heart of the Sopra Steria Group.

DIGITAL BANKING: Digital Banking covers lots of new concepts including paperless processes, establishing new business models and omni-channel Customer relationship management. In order to have a clear vision of these concepts and to study in more detail the projects which may be relevant to you, we offer a range of personalised services to get the maximum benefit out of new technologies.

COMPLIANCE: Banks are being pushed to revise their operational compliance models because of Increasing regulations and the need to be more reactive and precise when supplying information. Our Managed Services offering provides you with a flexible and comprehensive solution, as well as all monitoring required to meet the challenges of regulatory reporting.

APPLICATION SERVICES: Our portfolio of services has been designed to help you get the most out of your solutions. We have services that cover business Consulting, Implementation, and Legacy IT system enhancement. Furthermore, we can support you throughout your projects to facilitate a quick roll-out .

SECURITY: Ensuring security and maintaining Customer trust represent difficult challenges in the era of digital channels and systems opening up to the internet. Teams specialised in cyber security and digital identity are available and here to help you with these challenges.

MANAGED SERVICES: Your priorities include: focusing efforts on your core business, aligning Information System costs with your business plan and maintaining flexibility when managing IT resources. Our Managed Services offering meets your expectations and gives you the advantage of having a single point of entry for our solutions in terms of software development and outsourcing.


Encourages standardisation:
■ Accelerated roll-out
■ Reduced TCO to facilitate investment in areas where you
can differentiate yourselves
■ Industrial models to guarantee you IT system’s scalability
and sustainability

Optimises differentiation:
■ Integrated omni-channel
■ Personalised and smooth running customer journey
■ Effective software accelerators

Stimulates innovation:
■ Different experience from within the Group in various
■ Pluridisciplinary teams
■ Technical openness
■ Fully mastered digital technology

Application Services

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