Pay back a friend straight away after diner, instantly settle a bill or insurance, make a deposit... In the digital age, consumers require access to real-time services through any channel. All services are going real time. Payments are no exception: Instant Payments are more than even on the agenda and they are becoming inevitable.  The issue for banks? Processing transactions in a few seconds, making funds immediately available in the beneficiary's account, and providing a service that is accessible 24/7/365

With more than 20 years’ experience in payments, Sopra Banking Software is supporting major European Banks with all their payment value chain issues with the Sopra Banking Platform for Payments solution. Our software package offering and services, including payment engine and clearing exchange... are ready to help you face the challenges posed by Instant Payments.

A challenge for banks

Impact analysis
Impacts on IT systems must be assessed: adapting to real time, 24/7 high availability, individual transaction processing, liquidity management etc.

Meeting deadlines

The necessary changes must be implemented in the allocated time and must take into account the restrictive European regulations schedule.

New perspectives
Banks will have to make the most of Instant Payments to create new business cases and to offer their customers added value services.

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