Act before, go beyond payments.




After over a decade of working with SEPA and after significant investment, a major step towards harmonization has now been achieved. We believe that there is now a solid foundation that banks can use to move towards greater efficiency and innovation in the years to come. e-SEPA now opens the path to the introduction of new payment services meeting the growing market demand for digitizing and accelerating the “before payment” steps.

Helipay, is a unique and innovative solution designed by Sopra Banking Software and Axway, and can help you embrace the opportunities of e-SEPA. By providing a simple, robust framework, Helipay ensures banks can provide greater value to the customers, thus remaining at the heart of the new payment and digital fast moving world.

You remain in control of your customers’ payment experience, Helipay supports a vast range of services, schemes and channels and can be rolled out across many countries. With Helipay you can rapidly deploy overlay services, based on SEPA instruments and/or new technologies.

Those services range from payment initiation using secure account access right through to additional services, such as e-bill presentment and payment, e mandates or Identity verification. Helipay brings you the necessary openness, flexibility and security to respond to the challenges posed by digital transformation.