Improving the entire value chain

Sopra Banking Lending

Sopra Banking Lending


Sopra Banking Lending

Reinvention of the lending model is vital, especially in the current environment. We believe that this can be done using five clear principles, as Ahmed Michla explains.

Sopra Banking Lending

(Re)gaining trust is key for a successful lending model in today’s loan market. Sopra Banking expert Michiel Waardenburg explains how and why.

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With the market pressure from customers, regulators and competitors, attracting new customers as well as retaining existing customers presents many challenges today. That’s why Sopra Banking Lending supports loan programs that involve multiple markets, countries, subsidiaries, currencies, languages, brands and products.

Flexible, smart customers require flexible solutions. Sopra Banking Lending provides product management tools to help you quickly create and launch new offers across a variety of channels, as well as tools that support process-driven loan origination to help you optimize cross-channel origination, underwriting and loan approval processes. You can more accurately gauge risk levels, while arrears management provides support for legal actions.

The straight-through processing nature of Sopra Banking Lending results in significant time gains, and allows you to get ahead of your competitors, whether these are banks, specialized lenders, brokers, debt-collectors or micro-creditors. In addition, Sopra Banking Lending can offer you peace of mind through features that enhance transparency and traceability, and help you meet all regulatory requirements for monitoring and reporting.

Covering the whole loan lifecycle


Lending Covering The Whole Loan Lifecycle

Advantages in a nutshell

  • short time to market
  • straight-through processing
  • unbundling of the value chain and shared service centers
  • pan-European lending platforms
  • regulatory harmonization