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Sopra Banking Distribution - The foundations of your customer's trust and commitment

Sopra Banking Customer Engagement- The foundations of your customer's trust and commitment

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In a market where customer loyalty is not a given and competition is fierce, financial services must bring the right products and services to the market at the right price and the right time. It is also important that you can make the most of every available distribution channel. A 360° customer view is indispensable for this strategy. Luckily, Sopra Banking Software can help you out.

Sopra Banking Customer Engagement allows you to attain a 360° view by managing customer transactions through multiple channels effortlessly, anywhere and at any time. In addition, it makes product design and pricing easy, resulting in a distinct time advantage. You can base pricing on the specific needs, preferences, level of activity, potential risk and profitability of each customer, in whatever combination of products and prices you want. Automated simulations based on past or predicted activity help customers weigh the benefits of different pricing options.

Our tools for managing multiple-channel distribution let you handle individual transactions that start in one channel and finish in another. This gives your customers a consistent experience and provides the ready access to data you need to enhance that experience. There are also powerful tools for credit and debit activities, overdraft charges, taxes, and the pricing of fees and commissions. Our billing engine takes care of your service billing, while system permissions let you control every bid before it is made to customers.

Solution Overview

Distribution Solution Overview

Advantages in a nutshell

  • unified data overview and management
  • predictive simulation and pricing bundles
  • flexible product and pricing management
  • one consistent user and customer experience
  • integrated mixed-channel distribution