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What are the next big challenges in regulatory reporting?  

What are the next big challenges in regulatory reporting?

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Meeting multi-national regulatory requirements has become increasingly important to international business strategies. In addition to meeting the demands of your own central bank, you must deliver timely and accurate reports to the relevant regulatory bodies. At the same time, you need to anticipate the requirements of future regulations at home and abroad. Sopra Banking Compliance, developed in close cooperation with regulatory bodies and leading banks, helps you out.

Our solution provides reporting support for the regulations of more than 25 countries. It supports reporting required by central banks and credit registers as well as Basel II and Basel III. Due to its inherent flexibility, Sopra Banking Compliance can become the central part of a compliance hub, deriving from automated report form feeding, streamlined processes and homogenization.

Because it was designed to operate within a big variety of environments, Sopra Banking Compliance’s service-oriented architecture (SOA) means it can be easily integrated into any upstream banking environment and grow to scale with an expanding institution. It can also be installed as a unified compliance platform to transform, prepare, and enrich your data and allow a seamless audit trail across your banking environment.

Solution overview

Compliance Solution Overview

Advantages in a nutshell

  • fulfill national and international reporting requirements
  • risk management for Basel II and III
  • debt control and credit risk for the European central credit register
  • integration with XBRL