Account Management

Faster time to market through process optimization

Sopra Banking Account Management

20 million

interests calculated per hour

Up to 56 million

accounts handled

Advantages in a nutshell

  • actions based on real-time customer data
  • scalable to the size of any bank
  • straight-through processing
  • precise interest calculation
  • ability to handle high volumes

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Customer accounts are the fundaments of a bank. In times of economic uncertainty, new business models and increased regulation, banks want to retain their existing customers as well as attract new customers who want more. Both needs require the right IT tools.

Sopra Banking Account Management offers a superior approach. It is a flexible, centralized solution designed on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) basis. In addition, Account Management offers a real-time position keeping view, can be scaled to the size of any bank, and easily grows along with a bank’s expansion, supporting interest calculations for up to 20 million accounts per hour.

Sopra Banking Account Management’s straight-through processing leads to greater automation, which in turn leads to less time spent on manual processes and routine busywork. Thanks to our robust calculation engine, you can also calculate interests, pool cash as well as see and simulate and predict margins. This diversity of features extends to event generation, and all leads back to the real-time position keeping data that Sopra Banking Account Management can quickly tap into.

Solution overview


Account Management Solution Overview