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The Sopra Banking Suite concentrates on a number of key activities and domains. These are our solutions that help specific bank types:

  • Sopra Banking for Retail Banks can come in various sizes and shapes, according to the need, size and geography of a bank, and streamlines operations, data management as well as time to market.
  • Sopra Banking for Direct Banks quickly sets up a scalable core banking system with fast product creation and a high availability.
  • Sopra Banking for Wealth Management gives bankers 360° customer profile insight, improved portfolio management and data-driven simulation options.

    Because not every bank needs a complete core banking solution, we have also designed offers that deal with specific vertical or horizontal banking challenges:

  • Sopra Banking Lending provides the tools to help you quickly launch lending products and services for multiple customer channels as well as enhance regulatory transparency
  • Sopra Banking Payments covers the entire payment value chain, from initiation to processing and related services, and can thus build a complete payment services hub
  • Sopra Banking Cards has been designed to suit both issuer and acquirer needs for flexibility, fast time to market and resource sharing
  • Sopra Banking Distribution lets you seamlessly connect with customers through different channels, with the agility and pricing capabilities to match
  • Sopra Banking Account Management offers precise position keeping, high-volume processing and scalability for banks of any size
  • Sopra Banking Cash Management can manage cash and accounts across currencies and countries, and can make crucial future position forecasts
  • Sopra Banking Compliance supports reporting required by central banks and credit registers as well as by Basel II and Basel III, introducing a high level of repetitive process automation
  • Sopra Banking for Digital Wallets helps banks offer their own wallet directly in a one stop shop approach, or opt for offering financial services to other wallet providers.

  • All of these value propositions are supported by our products and components by forming the specific solutions that your selected markets and business activities require.