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As businesses make decisions faster, it gets harder to respond and match IT resources to initiatives. At the same time, banks need to develop both a cost advantage and differentiate in order to compete effectively. Outsourcing IT services is an attractive alternative that helps financial institutions with these challenges.

Managed Services on Saas

By combining strength and experience in consulting, award winning banking solutions, and robust Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), our Managed Services operations provide you with an environment where you can outsource core functions whilst retaining control of your business.

We can manage the governance, system integration, and applications’ compliance and upgrade on your behalf. A simplified, up-to-date application environment means you can free up valuable resources to work on high-priority strategic initiatives - and have the tools to execute them.

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Overcoming the multiple supplier challenge

Managing a multi-sourcing contract is difficult, and results in many operational challenges. Inconsistency—across various IT environments, processes, support tools, and reporting mechanisms—as well as a lack of clear ownership can actually lead to higher costs and greater risk.

Outsourcing to a single organization enable financial organizations to drive down pricing, obtaining best of-breed services, minimises delivery risk, and increases their capacity to scale.

Regardless of the mix of components delivering your capability, our framework empowers you to better govern your application environment, and upgrade with new functionalities.

Jon Bowen
Head of Mortgage Operations at The Co-operative Bank

It was important to find a partner we could trust to bring this business-critical mortgage project to life. The bank felt comfortable with the Sopra Banking team; they understood our business, had excellent customer references and could provide not only the software application we required, but also the facility to manage the system on our behalf.”

The right partner for your ambitions

Sopra Banking Software provides a seamless, single point of contact for all your needs, from business to IT, from software to support and infrastructure management; from implementation to day-to-day operations.

As an option, we can also help you with the execution of commoditized business processes (BPO) to help you make the most of your managed services.

We provide different types of services, tailored to your needs

We provide different types of services, tailored to your needs

Standard SLA

  • Server: 99,98%
  • Database: 99,9%
  • Network: 99,98%
Incident processing delay
  • Detection: < 15 min
  • Solution: < 2h
Flexible service coverage
  • Permanent: 7 days /7
  • Extended: 6 days /7, 6am - 10pm
  • Normal: 5 days /7, 8am - 6pm

The level of service can be adapted to your needs, with more (or less) stringent conditions available.

Being part of Sopra Steria group, our managed services benefit from the experience, expertise and industrial capabilities of proven Infrastructure Management and Cybersecurity practices.

With more than 100 customers in live operation, including some of the largest banks in Europe, and more than 3000 experts, Sopra Steria can provide a complete set of infrastructure services, from transformation consulting to day-to-day operations and end-user services.

This expertise translates into banking-grade Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) designed to meet your requirements and that ensure service integrity and security.


IT Outsourcing as a business accelerator

Outsourcing responsibility for infrastructure delivery naturally frees your valuable resources to focus on more strategic, business building activities and application development.

In short, you transform IT into a business accelerator that helps your business become agile and succeed in a changing landscape.

“We chose Sopra Banking Software for economical and responsiveness capacity reasons.  After few months of cooperation,  we recognize their understanding of our needs, their professionalism in managing such a huge project, without any unpleasant surprises or delays.”

Christophe Bayle
Manager of Deposits, Banque PSA Finance

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Key benefits

  • Simplify your operations with a single point of contact for all your IT operations and management

  • Reduce operational risk thanks to a proven and fully secured partner (ISO 27001 certified)

  • Remain in full control of your IT

  • End-to-end coverage, including BPS and BPO when appropriate

  • Agreed SLA with a infrastructure and service desk

  • Speed-up your business. As an option, we can rationalize and upgrade your applications portfolio with modern solutions and new functionalities