Direct Banking on Saas


Direct banks are under pressure in today’s market, due to the low interest rate environment and to the traditional banks that increasingly offer their products and services online.

Attracting customers to direct banks therefore requires a differentiating customer experience as well as attractive savings and/or investments. This value proposition can only be achieved and sustained by combining innovative and flexible capabilities with lean operations. Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution is precisely designed to meet these objectives.

Managed Services on Saas

Advantages in a nutshell


  • Simplify your operations with a full-service IT operation and management
  • Business-aligned pricing (variable costs for low capex) and deployment (add capabilities on demand)
  • Proven and fully secured (ISO 27001 certified)
  • An end-to-end functional coverage, including customer facing applications
  • Powered by our flagship solution, Sopra Banking Platform

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“SaaS offers a compelling vision of agility and scalability”


In a SaaS model, a compliant, ready-to-run bank is available in a hosted environment. This provides a truly ’turn-key’ approach, with much faster deployments than in a classical set-up. Importantly, all your customer-facing applications remain customisable to reflect your brand and market strategy.

Our pay-per-use model guarantees limited front-up investments and running costs that directly reflect your needs and activity. After deployment, all your IT operations are managed for you, allowing you to fully focus on your business. As your business grows, our solution grows with you.

The SaaS delivery model responds to direct banks’ challenges of today – and tomorrow

The SaaS delivery model responds to direct banks’ challenges of today – and tomorrow

With Direct Banking on SaaS, your customers have access to a broad range of products and services, including savings, securities and SEPA payments. At the same time, we cover all your needs in terms of treasury and accounting integration. Thanks to our modular, state-of-the-art Sopra Banking Platform, these capabilities can be added on demand – supporting your business as you grow.

As a leader in deploying SaaS solutions for direct banks, Sopra Banking can help you realize the full benefits of this new way of delivering IT – from the initial business case through to set-up and operation.

Contact us to explore your short-and long-term opportunities to gain greater business value from SaaS.