Business Consulting


Helping you navigate the profound transformation occurring in the financial services industry

Are you afraid your customers are moving to competitors or find new Fintech services more attractive?

From adopting new regulations such as PSD2 to defending oneself against the risk of disintermediation, fundamental industry changes are forcing a redefinition of strategy, business models, and operations.

Sopra Banking Business Consulting brings you the ammunition to fight these challenges with a combination of strategic vision and pragmatism, creativity and financial acumen.

We support you to address your key challenges

We provide a complete portfolio of services for the financial sector, with a focus on the Benelux market.

Whether its business, technology or operations strategy, we deliver value and shape new business and operating models for the future.

Sopra Business Consulting

We serve the financial institutions of today – and tomorrow

The boundaries between industries are fading and the provision of financial services is becoming a central part of many businesses, both as a source of revenue and as a way to enhance customer services.

We serve the financial players of today and tomorrow. Due to regulation changes other domains will blend into the banking services market such as Telcos, insurance, utilities etc.

That’s why organizations in multiple industries can benefit from our services, including:

Retail, Commercial, and Private banks  -  Direct banks  -  Insurance  Telcos and Utilities - Retail and e-commerce  -  Payment institutions and networks  -  Fintech

Why work with us?

Clients turn to us because our advice is independent and rooted in business understanding – and bridges the gap between strategy and execution.

Our hands-on experience and strong local market knowledge means we deliver tangible solutions that work in practice. It also means our clients benefit from a strong network of financial and technology experts and partners to shape and deliver their strategy.

By combining expert knowledge and disciplined execution, we add value that extends beyond the reach of many big consulting firms.

We guide clients on tailored journeys to establish their business strategies linked to their own vision and values, remaining pragmatic, realistic and customer centric. We help them find and implement savings and efficiencies across their organisation and distribution channels. New regulations are frequently positioned as opportunities with solid business models to go beyond simple compliance.

With our broad vision and focused execution, clients can realize real benefits end to end, vision to delivery.

Our domains of expertise


  • Marketing and Distribution
  • Daily banking
  • Payments and cards
  • Investments and wealth
  • Credits
  • Regulation, Risk and Compliance

Our services


  • Strategy and planning
  • Growth and innovation
  • Transformation and Change
  • Performance and Efficiency
  • Operations and Execution

Key benefits:


  • Thought leaders and experts in financial services: payments, cards, accounts, lending, securities, regulation, digital
  • Solution independent, yet with access to a full range of solution knowledge
  • End-to-End: from strategy until implementation and testing, with primary focus on surmounting execution challenges
  • Local knowledge, networks, and references at most major financial institutions, plus key corporates
  • Hands-on experience and support to deliver custom and pragmatic solutions