La Banque Postale and Sopra Banking Software form a partnership to progressively transform the bank’s IT system

Jun 12, 2015

In order to support its business development and improve operational efficiency, La Banque Postale has launched a major programme to progressively transform its IT system. La Banque Postale is committing to renovating its banking production platform in partnership with Sopra Banking Software.

The purpose of this partnership is to design an IT system which ensures that the bank can meet all of its customers’ needs in terms of processing times, flexibility and security. This joint endeavour will focus on overhauling production and banking operation processing chains.

Sopra Banking Software has provided La Banque Postale’s IT system for several years; including solutions for lending, payments, savings, and regulatory operations. Therefore, La Banque Postale has chosen Sopra Banking Software to support them with this transformation. This pivotal partnership is aiming to integrate all of La Banque Postale’s production applications to ensure that their IT system is stable, agile and robust.

Sopra Banking Software is a key player in the banking software and services sector. Furthermore, the Sopra Banking Platform solution incorporates an innovative and flexible architecture. As well as offering rich business components, the Sopra Banking Platform makes it possible to progressively transform the Bank’s entire IT system.

This project, which a major venture for both companies, will involve approximately 300 people over a 5 year period.

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