Crefius Case Study

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Crefius is a Belgian company that specializes in mortgage loans, and has been ranked first in its market niche. Its Mortgage Credit Competence Center manages the entire mortgage lending process – from application, origination, to servicing and collections. Annually, it originates over 40,000 loans and services over 400,000 mortgages. When Crefius, a Sopra Banking Software customer for over a decade, realized it wanted to make its business model more flexible and adaptive, they once again went with the market leader.


The new system is entirely paperless, which improves overall productivity. There are no more faxes to manage, no more papers to shuffle around – all documents are scanned at the onset and managed digitally through the entire workflow. “Both of these aspects take away a lot of unnecessary work. Completing a customer deployment through the web is like snapping your fingers,” says Jan Vandamme, BPO manager at Crefius.

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