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A true partnership approach

Capita Asset Services - Case Study

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Capita Asset Services (CAS) is part of Capita Group plc and is Europe’s largest independent third party commercial mortgage servicer, providing loan administration, facility agent, asset management and special services to the banking and securitization markets. Capita Asset Services has offices in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and many other countries. With a turnover that is split evenly between the private and public sector, it has a 27% market share on the British market. The company was looking for an up-to-date loan servicing system. They found that Sopra Banking offered what they were looking for.


"The new platform is critical to our current operations, as well as allowing us to easily implement our new business strategy. This was a true partnership approach with Sopra Banking Software. They have not only provided an outstanding lending platform, but also the in-depth knowledge to implement it efficiently thus allowing it to quickly add value to our business. We are already experiencing tangible benefits from using it,” comments Robbie Hughes, a CEO of Capita Asset Services.

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